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I am signing the pledge to align with the APHA goal to create the healthiest nation in our generation to create a healthy me and healthy we.

I am a public health professional and know that this country needs to get serious about good health--prevention, not treatment. To empower individuals to become healthy and set the stage for future generations to be healthy.

Because I am a Public Health Nurse and know it is the convergence of socio-demo-econ-geo-etc. And these factors do not affect everyone with equity, nor are they borne by all groups - there is a social justice imperative.

I know that we have a long way to go be healthier and we need to work outside of our traditional silos to make it happen.

I am Generation Public Health! I believe we have to move upstream and deal with the issues that are really impacting the public's health. We cannot be a great nation if we are not a healthy nation, and each of us is better off when all of us are better off.

Because now, more than ever, we need to make sure that the Public gets help in becoming healthier. As a public health consultant I witness the toll, while also seeing the promise in advancing healthy communities.

Because public health is primary prevention, and prevention is better and cheaper than cure on any day. Because I believe this movement is of utmost importance to America at this time and because it honors human dignity and human rights to the fullest.

All of us have a duty to do all we can to protect the health of our nation. We need to be active participants in relation to ensuring that affordable health care is available for all.

Collaborative partnerships multi-sectorial, including health systems, public health, economic development, housing, education, civic planning, etc.

Through Public Health we can promote just access and opportunity for healthy living available to all.

To help advance opportunities for walking and bicycling as a realistic way for more people to engage in everyday physical activity.

To help people understand the opportunities for access to health and wellness in our neighborhoods and communities.

I want to help more people understand that they can help improve the public's health BY creating a more equitable society across the board.

Because I believe health is a collective responsibility that is centered around personal accountability and community support. Public Health essential to enter senior years and show that "age is just a number.

I believe Public Health can and will improve the quality of life using research findings and environmental strategic community changes.

Public Health is important and community needs to know that we must be pro active and help to preserve our environment and create healthier communities.

Our country is only as strong as our most vulnerable groups. Public Health keeps us all strong. Investing in public health is not only fiscally but morally and ethically sound.

I believe in public health for all. To advocate for health care for all and to protect important public health funding and to oppose the further privatization of health care.

I am committed to ending health disparities and increasing health equity in marginalized populations. Because I believe that it is necessary.

Even if each of us were only able to affect one other person's life, together, we would still change the world! I have a responsibility as an individual, as a family member, a member of this society, and a PH professional to use all my talents to improve the health of the nation.

I am thrilled to sign this petition. Today we have a "sick-care" system instead of a healthcare system. I want my community to make a positive impact on my health, and I want my doctor to be part of a system that helps to prevent illness and injury rather than waiting to treat me once I have an issue.

As a public health nurse leader practicing in a rural area, I am committed to working collaboratively to assure population health occurs through an equitable opportunity for all to achieve an optimal level of wellness regardless of where someone was born and where they live, learn, work, and play.

Because good health should be attainable for everyone. It's important for building a strong, safe, and thriving community. I am a retired public health professional, having served for years in a number of positions.

I still live and breath public health and social justice and am committed to continuing the fight. Because I love public health and I want to create a healthier nation for myself, my family, and the rest of the world.

Raise awareness of the importance of environment and policy change that supports regular physical activity and good nutrition. Promote regular physical activity and good nutrition among children, adults and seniors.

Increase access to healthy foods through farm-fresh local foods and community gardens. Encourage restaurants to offer healthy choices and portions consistent with The Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Promote the adoption of worksite wellness programs and policies that support and allow healthy lifestyle behaviors.

Because it is disgraceful that a nation with such resources does not do more to ensure the health of the population. It is a critical issue!!!! Our health is something we take for granted.

It is not guaranteed. It takes work and effort to be healthy as individuals and as a community. We pledge to advocate for a clean environment to live, safe water to drink, healthcare for all and regulation of polluters.

As a medical student and future family physician, I am committed to bridging public health and medicine to help create the healthiest nation in my generation by providing care on the frontlines and advocating for meaningful health policy reform.

Because there is no "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" without affordable health and healthcare. Health promotion is so important, and all too often, the environment impact is not addressed!

Investment in public health prevention programs means great returns economically for the US. We all pay the price in increased health care costs when we fail to make decisions with our peoples' health in mind!

My friends and neighbors suffer daily from health disparities created by international, national, state, local, and hyper-local policy.

I want to build a stronger local community by engaging in a wider movement. Because all people deserve equitable access to good health.

We are responsible for changing our communities to enable people to be healthy. Our county quality of life is improving but we must work together to assure equal health and prosperity for all.

As a community land use planner, my profession has an important role to create a built environment to allow active living and a natural environment with clear air, soil and water.

For better health outcomes and health equity for my daughter's generation and future generations.

Public Health is everything - and everyone! To help my state and my nation truly be the healthiest nation by , we've all got to get in the game!

We've all got to "get in the movement" and then to invite others to join us! Together WE are Public Health!

Public health matters and the more individuals and organizations committed to this work the greater the difference we can make on improving the health of communities experiencing greater health disparities.

I believe in the importance of public health. I am convinced that public health is key to becoming a productive and prosperous nation. Everyone's health, both physical and mental health, needs to be a priority for each of us individually and as a whole in order to bring change.

To improve my overall health as well as improving the awareness for environmental and public health, everyone is impacted by EH and PH! Commit to increasing health in my community through implementation of evidence based strategies and continuing to build capacity of public health professionals in my field.

Better health for ALL Americans! I support increased access to contraception and other preventive health measure to improve lives.

To demonstrate my commitment to living a healthier life and doing what I can to promote healthier living in others.

I am a Public Health Nurse providing services at the community level. Thank you for the opportunity to participate. I want to live a long and healthy life, and I want my friends, family, and community to have that same opportunity!

To demonstrate my commitment to Public Health and encourage others to make Public Health improvement a priority!!

Because healthy lives matter in communities of color. We have to be the change we want to see, build communities and families, to create equitable sustainable healthy families, communities and environments for people to live.

Public Health and Prevention are highly under valued and I pledge to do all I can to make people more aware of the impact that Public Health has on our daily lives!

Because a healthier life can become a long fulfilled life, and every human is deserving of this chance Public Health is important to all people in all 50 states no matter how large or small their municipality.

As a passionate public health professional, I am dedicated to improving the health of disenfranchised and vulnerable populations.

To demonstrate commitment to improve the health of our community by striving to be a good role model and walk the talk!

Education is essential to humanity. Good health is essential to education. All humans deserve social structures that support both.

Improving the structural factors that affect everyone's health honors the fundamental rights of each human being to be treated with dignity by assuring the conditions of optimal health for all groups.

To reaffirm my commitment to bringing attention to health disparities and being part of the solution working towards health equity.

Public Health is THE lense through which social justice must be viewed to design and put in place effective public policy!!!!!

Because I am a health care provider who want to abolish the disparity in our healthcare delivery system. I am committed to leveling the playing field through systems and policy change for marginalized populations.

As a public health professional, I am committed to improving the health of the under served and under represented to ensure health equity for all.

I'm a public health professional who strongly believes that good health isn't a privilege, it's a right. I am signing because I know good health depends on several factors and as a Public Health professional I am a part of improving the health of the nation.

Public health matters in all facets of our lives and I admire the good work public health folks do to make all of our lives better and healthier!

I am a Certified Financial Planner tm professional, but I consider myself a public health advocate! I am signing the pledge to make sure I talk with friends and family about what affects their health and the things we need to do as communities to improve everyone's health.

To empower and educate others, especially in rural communities, that we must work together for better health. Let's concentrate on solving public health problems in the U.

Prohibitive costs make it difficult for those in low-income communities to get the care they need. I want to be a part of the movement to bring health equity into the communities served by our local public health agency.

I am signing the pledge because I am a public health leader, advocate, educator, and believer; that health is everything.

Without it we cannot enjoy, withstand or sustain life, or "the pursuit of happiness". Because being in Public Health field for more than 20 years, I feel there is still more to be done especially now when each country of the world is facing double burden of diseases, one infectious disease and one non-communicable disease.

Primary prevention is resilience building and to build a healthier nation in 1 generation we must strengthen basic supports e.

We have the resources to improve our nation's health, and need to stand up strong; further develop, realign, and communicate resources to take back our health!!!

Our future and efficacy as a nation depends on it! As a Public Health nurse leader, I should lead by example. Here's a great opportunity.

Long, healthy and productive lives should be the norm, not the exception. Everyone's voice matters when it comes to public health. Let's stand united in Generation Public Health!

I want to make America healthier. I chair a health equity committee at my workplace, and I am championing an interoffice Health Equity initiative!

We need to respect ourselves and our communities enough to create an environment that prioritizes health and well-being. I would like to connect more "the potential benefits from Homeopathic to the Public Health research".

We cannot afford NOT improving our health in this country. The health of our nation impacts the work and we want a healthier planet for future generations.

Because as a public health professional, I believe in helping people live the healthiest lives possible.

I am a Public Health professional and I believe that Public Health is the key to a better future for everyone.

Every time we take one step forward we go two steps back. We need to persevere as a community to keep our gains and forge ahead to create a healthier nation everywhere.

To fight against any rollbacks to the Affordable Care Act or any progress made in curbing carbon based pollutants. To defend funding for alternative energy and affirm climate change is real.

Because I want everyone to have the same chance to live a healthy and fulfilling life, regardless of where they live and the resources that are available to them.

I signed this pledge because I work with youth and do a lot of work that focuses on health equity When I teacch my students about health inequities, its very hard for them to see maps of health outcomes and the lack resources in their neighborhood vs the rest of Boston Its daunting and very difficult to try to change social policies and the structural barriers to equity, but public health is all about collective action, right?

We need to end this senseless gun violence that is plaguing our nation. We lose too many lives senselessly on any given day in America.

Everyone should be outrage by this violence. This needs to end! I believe it is the right of every person in this country to receive affordable, equitable quality and culturally appropriate care.

I live in Indiana and we rank near the bottom in many public health categories. I want to help my state and community achieve a higher standard of health.

Healthcare costs can only be reduced by taking a more comprehensive approach to improving "health" by addressing the socio-economic determinants.

I live in Mississippi. It is regarded as the fattest State! I am 65 yrs old and in my life-time, I want to see and hear that "Mississippi is no longer at the bottom of the ladder in USA"!

For our children and our grandchildren, we need to change the lifestyles of Americans everywhere! The United States spends an exorbitant amount of money on health care, yet we still have very high rates of preventable health issues.

As a Public Health Professional, I am committed to provide the tools needed to educate and empower people to make good health choices.

One powerful tool is Education and Knowledge; educating the community on healthy lifestyle changes. We are a local health department working with public and private partners to improve community health.

While our health can be determined by personal choices, all of us in public health need to create an environment that makes healthy choices the easy choice!

I am interested in eliminating minority health disparities in hopes of ensuring that there is health equity for all. I want to continue to make my nation healthier for all generations.

Time to not just get healthy but STAY healthy! Because public health and affordable healthcare are important to the fabric of American society.

I am committed to end health disparities and trying to put my role as a Health Educator to build the healthiest nation. I am passionate public health professional committed to positively impacting the low-income disenfranchised populations.

I want to bring to the fore the role our church can play in enhancing the health of our community as we embark upon expansion in service to the community.

I am sad to know that we rank so low in life expectancy in comparison to other counties, and I want to change that. Let's make our country healthy again!

To bring attention to creating healthy communities that will lead to improved health outcomes. America is certainly capable of providing good medical care and eliminating "food deserts" and the over-influence of Big Pharma and multi-national "foodstuffs" corporations.

Because we need to be intentional if we're going to create a healthier America for everyone: Young and Old alike. I am signing the pledge because I am dedicating my life to public health work.

We all can make an impact by educating and strengthening future generations to take control of their well-being by improving their wellness and lifestyles.

I plan to inspire others through mindful and contemplative practices and all other evidence-based practices in the field. To bring greater awareness for the need to emphasize health in all aspects of our lives for all people.

As a medical librarian and head of outreach services at a health science center, I work with community organizations to partner on public health issues.

This is not only something I believe in but I also hope to learn more and use to improve what we can achieve. I strive continually for health.

I appreciate and live the vision and action that health is physical health, emotional health, sexual health, financial health, community health.

Health is not luck though some of us are born able-bodied temporarily and some born into privilege. Health and Safety go hand in hand.

I am committed to non-violence, to ending violence, to creating alternatives to violence, to teaching and creating safe spaces for creativity, process, and possibility.

It has not been mine at all times and I feel empowered and alive and I celebrate my health. Health Disparities are identified on our health network CHNA as one of the most important health priorities to address, and I would like to network with others around the nation on best practices.

I am signing this pledge because I am a Public Health Director and I BELIEVE it is possible to become a healthy nation in one generation and I am passionate about public health and how small interventions and big policy can change the way we live healthier lives.

It is taking action that will make change. Biblically speaking, we are commanded to do so by God. Practically speaking, we as a country have little to no choice.

Our sustainability as a nation depends on it. Because the health and well-being of people and the planet are at risk from short-term thinking and vested interests.

Because I believe everyone deserves equal access to healthcare and a clean and safe living environment!

Because is a fundamental responsibility of civilized society to guarantee the physical well being of its members.

I see the tremendous good that preventive care does in our veterans' health. As a public health administrator, I believe that establishing cross-sector partnerships are key to expand awareness of population health, increase access to health for all, and create the healthiest nation for all residents in America.

I have been a Public Health Nurse for 28 years and I am committed to to healthy communities and the work that needs to be done to achieve healthy living for all.

To promote public health in my community and the surrounding areas and to ensure progress toward health equity for everyone.

My job is chronic disease health education. I want to make everyone aware in my health district how to improve their quality of life.

I am a young public health professional and want to do all I can to support not only my own health but also the health of my community and the world around me.

Prevention is key to living a healthy, productive life. Public Health has always been at the forefront and is instrumental to population health.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Education and Prevention have to be bigger pieces of the pie if we are to positively impact on the health of children, youth and adults in the US.

Based on the research and years of experience in the field of health education, I strongly support this. Because a One Health Approach, deliberately bringing all relevant professions to the table from anthropologists to chemists to clinicians human and animal to engineers and environmentalists to social scientists, will help us achieve the Generation Public Health challenge in the U.

Because it should be easier for all people, everywhere, to be healthy. Because I want to dismantle the power structures that threaten health on a daily basis.

When we work together towards healthier communities, we can become those healthier communities. I am signing because I believe that if we all work together we can change these statistics.

Yes, behavior change is difficult to begin and hard to sustain, but WE can do this. I am a public health nutritionist and registered dietitian.

I see people struggling with chronic disease states every day. I'm here to try and make a difference by speaking with my skillset and my pledge!

I am responsible for the health status of the community and public health is becoming a present matter in all sectors. As a public health student MPH , I've learned that prevention is the key to becoming healthier; especially, if we can do our part in preventing disease and injury before it occurs.

It's really a community and population effort when everyone does their part. These collaboration can only flourish and I want to be a proactive part of something bigger that "we" as a whole produce.

Creating a healthy me We promise to make healthy choices that improve our health and set an example for our family and friends. I believe a collective approach can create a culture of health in our country in one generation.

Because those of our most vulnerable communities suffer the most from limited social care programs and decreased access to health care. Preventative care for primary and mental health needs is our first line of defense against chronic diseases!

As a faculty, I feel I have a strong responsibility to promote the next future general of health professionals and thus taking the pledge is a great step towards that.

I am signing because my passion for public health lies in enhanching health for the population as a whole. Im sick and tired of seeing people of what could be a great country be literally sick and tired.

Our nation is manufacturing illness on an increasingly rapid rate and has been doing so for too long. It is overdue to stop this. Its not as hard as we think.

It certainly doesn't have to be. As a coordinator for public health dual degree programs, public health is not only a large part of my career, but has taught me to be healthier and happy in all aspects of my life!

Support integrating public health into medical education and all levels of education to build Generation Public Health!

It is time for the US citizens to take ownership of our own health and reach out to others and make a difference. We need to start with ourselves as part of a community of individuals who desire to increase our health and well being and help it spread so that as a whole we as a people will be free to not just survive but thrive and reach our full potential.

I am signing the pledge because America is not a healthy nation, and there is strength in numbers. And, because I am committed to fighting the atrocities of child abuse; the tragedy of addiction; and the lethality of loneliness.

Hi, I'm in the College of Public Health at the University of Iowa and I believe that public health and prevention are the best ways to reduce illness and disease in the United States and other countries across the world.

As a race, humans need to take care of themselves and the environment in order to survive in the society that has been created. I am committed to improving the health of the Latino community and ensuring access to healthy food for fall.

I hope we can create a healthier nation for our future generations. I believe we are over due for a country that promotes health equity.

We must do it. Health for "We the people"-not sickness "For profit. Stand up, can't sit downthere's a public health crisis in my town.

No justice, no peace. Because everyone deserves the right to good health. Where you live, your race or your income should not be a determinant of how long you live.

I want to create a healthy me AND we! A Healthier Generation is a strong generation able to face the challenges of a new world. It's time for our nation to be at the forefront of health, being the healthiest nation in this generation!

I strongly support productive efforts to enhance public health for everyone, everywhere. As an American I am thankful to be able to show my support for our nations efforts to make this a national priority and a subject very worthy of our attentions and efforts.

Because health is more than a physical state, it is an overall state involving mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

I believe in living a graceful healthy lifestyle. I don't just understand why United States should rank that kind of number with the abundant resources.

Help me to help!! Public health protects our communities, saves lives and money. Because investing in our future by improving the health and lives of those around us is a value we should all share as US citizens.

As a local public health official it is my mission to help the citizens living in the community to become the healthiest generation ever!

Because I am passionate about making a difference in achieving health equity; and because I wholeheartedly believe that gun violence is a public health issue that should addressed and researched as such.

The next generation deserves to have us working smarter and faster to make this country a better place to live. Because health is essential to being a productive member of society and all people deserve a chance for a healthy life Supporting better outcomes for all Americans makes sense in so many ways.

Health, education and housing equity issues are vital to the overall health and well-being of our nation and we can no longer afford to turn a blind eye.

It's time to take action! I believe that Generation Public Health in partnership with the Integrative Health and Medicine professions will support the health creation we need for healthier communities and individual wellness.

As a community health nurse, I am actively involved and engaged in assisting communities of color on healthy lifestyle behavior changes and advocate for self-management and self-advocacy for all.

Public Health is a worldwide concern. We need to create healthier cities as well address healthcare disparities and barriers to care experienced by low-income underserved populations.

We need to stop complaining and start to take an action to improve the access to health for all. I believe that we can improve health through community collaboration in needs assessment, program planning, and evaluation.

I am committed to building capacity for communities to solve complicated public health issues. I am environmental public health professional and a community non- profit organizer and wants to play a pivotal role generation public health in my community.

I want my daughter to grow up in a healthier society! To know how to keep her body healthy, so she can live the full happy life I hoped she would!

Want to be a practitioner of public health, assisting and the generation of policies and legislation for a healthy nation.

As an emerging public health professional, I want to take action to support the health of my peers, my community, and the environment.

I am committed to improving health in several high risk communities in which I work, worship and play. I know that I can make more of a difference!

I am proud to be part of this. Life is a gift and a healthy lifestyle is a way to express gratitude for this gift.

Because I believe everyone should have fair access to the resources necessary for building a healthy lifestyle. Because we live in the rich country of the world, it is not acceptable that 21 millions people still do not have access to affordable care.

Because health is not simply individual choices and I care about creating conditions for a healthy Kansas.

To encourage changes in policy, systems, and environmnents that support making the healthy choice the easy choice! Health it a right not a privilege.

No one should be left out of the potential of health and wellness. It is my responsibility as a public health professional to ensure I do what is in my power to promote healthy behaviors and increase health equity in our nation.

I become in Public Health and the messages that we promote. I want to promote healthy lifestyles and health equity.

Public Health Educator and Prevention Supervisor committed to being an example and a voice for the voiceless.

I am a Public Health Professional and am committed to improving health around the world, including in the U. Because I am particularly concerned about racial and ethnic health disparity and the growing need for health equity.

I am a Public Health Nurse and absolutely believe in prevention! Let's get out the information and make it easy for people to pick the healthy choice.

Unfortunately, healthcare professionals don't always have the answers patients need. I wish we did. Stay ahead of the game. Your body is your only home.

As a public health professional i am committed to improved community health. As a community member, I believe in a better tomorrow because i will make a difference today.

If America's truly the "strongest" nation, it should also be the healthiest, and we're far from it. Yet without good health, what are you left with?

Because I want people to realize that health is affected by so many things structural, environmental, social etc beyond personal choices and that we need to invest in prevention to truly have a healthy nation!

Public health is critical to creating, measuring, responding and advancing quality of life for all! For now and many generation to come, we need a public policy that promote health and wellbeing at all level.

I am a Public Health Education major with a concentration on Community Health Education and I want to support the insurance of a happy, healthy, and compassionate future for all individuals no matter what age, race, gender, sex, economic status, religion, etc.

We are all humans living on this world together and we must learn to live together and support each other. These are not new issues.

We are stronger together and need to create a healthier America for our self and for each other. To do everything within my power through my knowledge,skill,learned abilities to ensure a clean and hygienic environment through teaching,correction and healthy exemplary living to ensure I and the people around me enjoy good health.

Because I am passionate about the well being of those that surround me, and the world in general! As a Public Health student and a health educator I believe it is important to educate everyone on health related matters.

Individuals do better when the community is healthy. Too much money spent on advanced healthcare and too little money spent on prevention.

Everyone has a right to basic healthcare. I believe that we can become the healthiest nation and I pledge to live a healthy life every day and to help others lead healthier lives.

I am a public health advocate in my position as a health educator at my local health department. I am signing the pledge because I want to live as long as possible in a way that is enjoyable.

I know that, if I don't have my health, I don't have much of anything. To empower communities to make changes needed to support individuals in making healthy choices.

I am signing because I believe that America needs to be a healthier nation and that health care in america needs reform.

By signing this pledge I am committed to doing what ever I can do to create the healthiest nation in one generation. Because I do not want to become one of the statistics, I want to be the healthiest version of me.

Like many others, I am signing this pledge to encourage myself and my community to live healthier lifestyles, and put the "HEALTH" back into our "healthcare".

Public health affects everyone, regardless of whether they know it or not! My passion is sharing my knowledge of the field with folks who may not know how PH strategies have impacted their lives.

Because Dental Public Health is an integrated part of overall health and all communities at all levels should have good oral and dental health.

I've dedicated my whole professional life to promoting healthy lifestyle and preventing diseases. As a public health worker for over 30 year I join this movement with hopes to contribute even more to the goals of creating a healthier nation.

I want to help create "friendly neighborhood" atmosphere that helps us look out for each other. To help promote healthy behaviors, including diet and exercise.

Health is an individual choice that can be shared with friends and family. Health is wealth and we need to take care of it. I signed this pledge, to improve the health and well being of the population and self.

I am signing because being a public health practitioner, I believe being healthy is a choice that Americans need to make and not take for granted.

I would like to continue serving as an active participant in creating a healthy environment for my community! A healthy lifestyle and healthier people mean a more productive society and happier communities.

I am a public health professional that wants to spark community wide changes in occupational and environmental health.

I want to empower and educate my community! If we don't make a conscious effort to become a healthier nation now, that opportunity may be taken away from us in the future.

It is better to be counted among the concerned doers than among the orchestraters of structural racism, the country has lost its standing.

We must change it around to reflect a healthy nation. I believe in being healthy and promoting public health to make the communities healthy and live longer.

I have a passion for public health and want everyone to have the opportunity to live a healthy life. To pledge to live a healthy lifestyle for myself and my daughter.

Also to help promote health and wellness in the community as an RN. I'm committed to spreading the word about the importance of living a fit and healthy lifestyle.

I am signing the pledge because I want healthier communities with health equity, I want to be part of the social change.

I'm signing this pledge in the hopes that the world will be a healthier, safer, cleaner place for my children and grandchildren to live and prosper and so that I will live with them in good health for as long as I can.

I am a public health graduate student and it is my responsibility to stay educated so that I may inform those that are not.

I am signing the pledge to live a long, healthy life to enjoy with friends and family, and to advance health equity for all.

When it comes to health, an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure and prevention begins in the community. In order to improve health outcomes locally, statewide or nationally, we must work on systems level with partners in our respective communities and develop collaborative partnerships that minimize competition for funds and work closely to address identified community issues.

We've gone far too long with unhealthy generations--we need to act together to make us all healthy!

I am signing the pledge to obtain guidance to get involved or possible organize a Community Health Awareness Program.

To be educated about public health and how it can be improved. Also, to learn how to improve my health as an individual, as well as family and all those I encounter.

I believe all young people should have the access to the knowledge, skills, and resources to make healthy decisions and be their healthiest selves!

I am a firm believer in community empowerment and upstream approach to health. Because healthcare is a right for all human beings to receive whether they are rich or poor and public health addresses that right.

As an MPH candidate, I pledge to be the voice for others, encourage healthier lifestyles, and promote health equity.

Because I Health is a spiritual matter and we need to be sure that people are living healthy lives. I want mentorship to be added as a public health policy.

The goal is to educate every single person in my community and beyond. I believe in promoting public health and I am glad I have a part in it.

In my little Appalachia city of Jackson, Ohio. I have worked a long time to help people live longer and better and now I can partner with you and others to do so.

When I was 13 I had a dream that if I could find civilization, not only would I live longer and better but so would everyone else.

So, I have worked to help create a civilization where people can live longer and better. Public Health Education and Advocacy is part of my mission and purpose Thank you for the platform.

Because we need to be sure the social determinants of health are not part of the conversation - but that they ARE the conversation.

Because I am committed to improving social and environmental factors that limit healthy choices, especially for our most vulnerable communities.

I am signing the pledge as a commitment to continue to lead a healthy lifestyle as an example to those around me.

I believe no matter who you are, where you live, how much money you make, or your family heritage, has the opportunity to live in healthy environment and to lead a healthful , fulfilling , and productive life.

My company creates health education programs for schools. It's always good to support others fighting for the same cause!

To increase the visibility of the role public health plays in reducing and preventing health care expenditures. I believe strongly we need to take action to keep health and healthcare at the forefront of political discussion and action.

The United States is a world leader, and should not be behind many other countries in key health indicators.

We are leaders who need to take charge and set an example in changing health policies, behavior, and assisting with international health.

As a future Public Health Professional and Registered Nurse, I want to see a nation that has healthy habits and our children grow up with less chronic diseases.

I am signing the pledge because I want to be a part of creating a healthier local community as well as a better national one. Affordable, Available and high quality health care should not be wholly dependent on income levels.

We need to shift eating behaviours to promote healthier habits in order to tackle CHF, Type 2 Diabetes and other preventative diseases that plague this country!

Being an HIV advocate, we have the tools to end the epidemic by This will indeed be the on-sought to a healthier America. Because there are dozens of health disparities that plague the nation that need to be drastically reduced.

I believe everyone has the right to healthcare and to be healthy! I pledge to help educate people on proper food choices which lead to healthier lifestyle.

I work in Social Services.. I teach Pilates and am training for my first marathon.. I got a grant to start a running program for the youth I work with..

I believe we should all promote and practice a healthy lifestyle. I pledge to live my healthiest life and do everything in my power to promote health in the lives of others.

I am a supporter of optimal health and well-being for all Americans, no matter what age, race, gender or ethnicity. I am signing the pledge because I believe in a healthier world.

I know we can do. We just need to work together and stay positive. I believe it is vital for us to want to be healthy and to educate one another in ways to do so.

As a public health official in the making, it is my responsibility to live a life that helps this country become healthy again.

I believe access to health services and healthy living is for all. There needs to be a change, from the intrapersonal to the system level.

It's a long road, but one worth traveling. I'm signing the pledge because we the people need greater education, access and the ability for more of a holistic approach to being healthy.

We are whole not just parts. Joining the Public Health Movement! Equitible access to healthcare and knowledge that everyone in America deserves access to resources necessary to support a healthy lifestyle.

I believe people need education on how to eat healthy, excercise, and get access to healthcare services no matter where they are, who they are, or how much money they have.

I'm signing because I plan to change the world one person at a time by implementing integrated health strategies to the disenfranchised.

Because education and health are intrinsically linked and we must implement programs that are cross-cutting. I am signing this pledge for my children and grandchildren to come.

I want to see their faces and live life with them, and I know that starts with a healthy parents. I believe that there needs to be a discussion about this to generate change and I am pledging to do my best to spark the discussion!

I am signing this pledge because I am committed to equitable health and wellness for my children's generation and moving forward.

I believe we the people have a power to change our ways and make the nation we live in a healthy place for everyone. I am a community health worker committed to creating healthy places and policies for every neighborhood in my community and city.

I believe in the cause of a healthier nation and want my kids to learn through my actions that we can make a difference. When we work together our 'family' is strong!

I believe that it is both vital and possible for America to become the healthiest nation in one generation.

As a public health professional, I am incredibly invested in aiding in the effort to establish this outcome. I am a Public Health graduate student and i believe than public health can change the world to a much better place.

As a Public Health professional, I am deeply committed to orchestrating improvements in health indicators and outcomes through the application of research and sound program development aimed at enhancing the quality of life of people across America and the globe.

To help create a world with a healthier built environment, which is critical to our physical activity and stress reduction potential to prevent and fight many chronic diseases.

I believe in a holistic approach to community health supporting health in all policy and building a culture of health in our cities.

I want to support health equity for all vulnerable populations, especially refugees and homeless. A sustainable public health is necessary to the vitality and fiscal well-being of our populations.

I am signing the pledge because I believe in researching solutions to assist in people living longer lives and alleviating the prevalence and incidence of health issues people suffer from in high and low income countries.

I am advocating for health equity. All people matter and deserve the right to healthcare access, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

If people can damage their health through poor lifestyle choices then changing those behaviors to health enhancing ones can go a long way to improving their health and quality of life.

I believe we must be the change we want to see in our community, state, and nation; therefore, I'm committed to living a healthy lifestyle, to walk the talk, to live a life congruent with my health values.

I would like healthy lifestyle values to become so infectious, the public can make expedient healthy choices every day for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Because I want to live a long, healthy and happy life. I also so want to set an example for my sons. Because I believe we must improve health equity by addressing social determinants of health through a culturally sensitive approach.

Because it is the right thing to do! We need to focus on our nation's health and achieve benefits for all. Because we need to focus on the link between human health, animal health, and environmental health in order to help future generations and protect our one and only Earth.

I have been in public health for 31 years and have made health lifestyle changes and seek this for my family and community.

I am very passionate about helping others in the field of public health. Public health encompasses many aspects of our everyday lives and I am committed to educating others about how we can cultivate a healthier environment.

As a nursing student with an interest in public health, I feel it will be most beneficial for my career to teach by example. Because I believe in the importance and benefits of public health.

I hope it continues to prevail around the country. Because public health matters! I want to be healthy and I want to be part of making the nation healthier.

Leader in a healthcare institution and want to reform the delivery of care to have a healthier community and Public Health is my passion.

I'm a public Health Nurse and am concerned about the health of my community and the lack of support from local schools and businesses to improve our culture of health.

Want to do all I can as a public health nurse to contribute to the betterment of our society's health education.

Because improving the health of our nation must happen both physically and mentally and will lead us to more enriched and fulfilling lives that wil empower us to positively influence others!

It is our responsibility, no just as public health professionals but as citizens of this planet, to ensure that we change our systems, institutions, communities, behaviors, and mindsets in order to have a healthy and more prosperous future for all.

Because when citizens commit to priorities such as public health, the economy and policies find ways to meet their needs. As a student-athlete, it is a privilege to help improve public health in all aspects.

I am signing the pledge to set an example for my nine siblings and my family in Brazil that lives in poverty. We need shift our priorities moving forward and I hope to add to the momentum that is working to do that, through the way I work and live!

Though the US may be one of the greatest nations in the world, much change is needed. Public health should be everyone's first priority in order to achieve our healthiest potential!

Because it is appalling that the freest nation in the world is also the heaviest! I want to be part of the change. As an African American woman, we have some of the highest obesity rates.

The social problems of poverty, unemployement, racism, education, etc. Pledging to set a good example and educate community members by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I'm very passionate about advancing social change and addressing cultural norms, particularly those due to gender equality, in order to create a healthier society.

I'm an aspiring Health Educator and a lover of Fitness and Nutrition. I want to share all that I'm learning with my friends, family, and community.

We can do better, we must educate our young so they know the ramifications of today's decisions on their future. We must make wellness a national priority.

Prevention rather than sick care must be our focus. I am signing this pledge because I am a nursing student who has discovered the harsh realities of our health care system.

I believe that we have the power to build a nation that is physically and mentally healthy when we learn that we, as individuals, have control over our health -- but we need public health policy to give us the tools to do so.

Yet they live within miles of some of the nations best hospitals. Health is everything, interrelated with limitless aspects within our society.

Make a promise to care about yourself and others' well being! I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live a healthy and long life and support efforts to improve the social and environmental factors that effect the health of all people.

We can become a healthy nation if we work together to educate, promote and practice healthy behaviours. Because I want my children and my children's children to have healther outcomes and a longer life.

I believe we can be a healthier nation. I want to be an actor in the new public health narratives. It's critically important to advance the public's health and health equity at a time when the widening of income inequality is having a clear and differential impact on life expectancy of much of the population.

I am public heatlh. I want to see the teaching of equity as a standard way that all schools of public helath and organizations follow.

Be comfortable in health equity. Everyone has the right to healthcare, it shouldn't matter who you are or where you're from or what you have.

The role discrimination plays in policies continues to add a negative impact on economic outcomes especially for GOP voters.

I'm a daughter, an older sister, an aunt, a best friend, and an urban planner. I need to set an example for my loved ones and design and create policies that will create a healthier built environment.

We are generation public health. Health physical and mental must take priority in this country and the world in order to obtain peace, live, and happiness.

As a public health nurse, I see how social and economic disparities affect our health. I hope for a nation where all are able to live a healthy life.

Long time Public Health Advocate at Federal and local level. I believe in and live this pledge! As a senior adult, I want to live healthier and influence my peers and future generations to do the same!

My future in public health depends on the health of myself as well as my ability to advocate for the health of the community. To improve my health and to continue to support community health.

To be a part of a movement to improve health in our country. This is a public statement of my commitment to myself, my family and friends, neighbors, community, and nation to put our health and the health of our future generations as a priority.

Public health is key to enabling every individual and community to reach their full potential. I'm signing because Public Health is more than most people think it is and I want to bring awareness.

I work for a local health department and would also like to instill these values in my family. Public Health seeks to provide access to all people regardless of background, income, race, gender, language, sexual orientation, or other identity, and that is something I stand behind strongly.

The screen shot below show the app displaying a management view, every change performed in the right column is updated in the left feed list, too.

This service manages the feed list and persists it, with the use of the LocalObjectStorage service. A modification of the feed list broadcasts a FeedList event, which gives the controllers the opportunity to refresh the list if it has been changed outside the controllers scope.

I was not sure if using a broadcast is the best way to archive this. A question about this topic on Stack Overflow gave me no better idea so it seems to be okay, using a broadcast here.

The service has the three main functionalities, adding a feed, deleting a feed and getting the whole feed list. Besides those three functions there a two helpers for getting the minimal feed id and one for retrieving a single feed by the given id.

The get method checks if a list exists in the localStorage otherwise it returns a new array containing a default subscribed feed.

The add and delete id method works quite similar, they are loading the current feed list using the get method and performing their action on the array with push or slice , after that the modified array gets stored using the setObject method.

The feed reader has just five routes, one default showing the feed with the lowest id, a route showing a specific feed by its id, a route for displaying a particular feed item and two routes for the management views.

The Google API does not provide an unique hash or id determining a feed item, instead of this an item is specified by its feed id and a hash generated from the item title.

Let's start with the FeedListCtrl , which is the simplest one. This controller loads the list of feeds displayed in left column.

On startup it loads the list using the FeedList 's service get method and listens on the "FeedList" which could get broad casted by the service on a modification of the list.

The event listeners second argument contains the new feed list, a call of the get method after the event has fired is needless here.

The following controller holds the functionality for manipulating the subscribed feeds, the core functionality gets delegated to the FeedList service.

Since the feed look up does not return the feed title, on a successfully URL lookup, the feed has to be loaded for fetching the title, too.

The API response error handling is a little bit inconsistent, occasionally a data. Looking up a feed URL could look like this one below: Two routes are leading to the ItemsCtrl , the first is the default on without an id and the second one specifies the feed by it's id.

For loading a feed the FeedList 's service getById method can be used for fetching the feed from the localStorage by the given id, if no id has been set the feed with the lowest id get loaded.

The API result gets assigned to the controller's scope. Since a feed item has no id, a hash gets generated from the item title, this hash is used to determine which item has to be assigned to the current scope.

There is a filter using a hash function which does the job in the view. The API does not support loading a single item, the whole feed has to be loaded and the matching item has to be searched by building the hash of each title.

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